(From a 1929 Dealer's Brochure)

Motor:V type twin cylinder air-cooled four stroke cycle-bore 2 3/4 in., stroke 3 13/16 in., displacement 45.32 cu. in.  Side by side valves, independent cam action on each valve.  Dow metal pistons.  New plunger-type crankcase oil drain.

Carburetor: Schebler Deluxe with self-cleaning air cleaner.

Muffler: Four tubes.

Transmission: Three-speed progressive sliding gear.

Lubrication: Throttle-controlled motor oiler that provides proper lubrication at all speeds.  Transmission lubricated seperately.  13 Alemite fittings.

Ignition: Harley-Davidson generator-battery with output controller.

Electrical Equipment: Harley-Davidson generator with instantaneous output controller; weather and waterproof coil and timer; five plate, 22-amphere/hr. storage battery; high frequency horn; two bullet headlights; standard tail lamp; ignition and light switch panel with built-in ammeter and hooded parking light located back of steering head.  Relay cutout automatically opens and closes generator-battery circuit.

Starter: Harley-Davidson rear stroke, right side.

Clutch: Single-dry disc, foot operated.

Handlebars: One piece, 1 in. tubular, double stem with closed end twist grips.

Controls: Grips, double-acting wire controls, enclosed in handlebars and cables.

Brakes: Foot-controlled contracting rear brake and built-in hand-controlled expanding front wheel brake.

Frame: High carbon seamless tubular steel, strongly reinforced with wide trussed loop.  Drop forged head and gearbox bracket.

Driving Chains: Duplex engine chain 3/8 in. pitch, 3/4 in. wide, each sprocket 3/16 in. wide.  Rear chain roller, 5/8 in. pitch, 3/8 in. wide.  Large cushioned motor sprocket.

Saddle: Mesinger form fitting top.  Adjustable spring seat post.

Tires: Standard make, 25 x 3.85 in., full balloon.

Wheelbase: 56 1/2 in.

Tanks: Saddle type.  Gasoline capacity, 3 3/4 gallon; oil capacity, 7 1/2 pints.  Reserve gasoline tank.

Mudguards: Extra wide valance, rear guard hinged for easy access to wheel.

Finished: Harley-Davidson Olive Green with maroon striping with center gold stripe.  Rims and handlebars black

1929 DL 45




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