A Comparison of Changes
During it's Three Year Production

Enthusiast August 1928Enthusiast August 1929Enthusiast August 1930

Comparative Parts





Double Headlamps

Double Headlamps

Single headlamp


Rectangular mounted rear left frame

Canister mounted on front forks

Kidney shaped mounted on
front forks


Klaxon 11

Klaxon 11

Remy 16

Front Forks

Same as Single (airfoil) extended 1 inch

Heavier solid girder

Heavier solid girder

Rear Brakes

Small drum contracting

Bigger diameter drum

Even larger diameter

Gas Tanks

4 3/8 gal. taken from the Single 

5 1/4 gal.

5 1/4 gal.


12 springs, 2 friction plates

14 springs, 4 friction plates

14 springs, 4 friction plates
tab on clutch release to 
prevent slipping out of gear

Paint Job

Olive green except wheels, handlebars, lights, footboards and dashboard, which were black.
custom colours available at higher cost

Same as 1929. replacement frames were offered in black

Same as 1930 except custom painted art deco tanks became available

Other Noted Comparisons

  • 29 frames were different from 30 & 31
  • 29's had clincher wheel rims, 30 & 31 had drop center
  • 29 rear stands were different than 30 & 31
  • 29 seat T-bar were different than 30 & 31
  • 29 front brakes were smaller than 30 & 31, the backing plates on 30's retained the small brake cam shaft and the brake operating lever(4123-28A, 4123-30, 4123-31) was different all three years.
  • 29 coils were different than 30 & 31
  • 29 timers were different than 30 &31. They came out with new style points in 1930 and the condensers were no longer built into the coils, they mounted them to the timer base.
  • oil pumps were different for all three years
  • valve covers were different all three years
  • tappet blocks were changed in mid 29 from 1 mounting bolt to 2 and therefore the right side of the engine case was also changed.
  • 29 generators were different than 30 &31, The 29s had an adjustable 3rd brush and the 30-31s were not adjustable but higher output. If you look in the parts book it says generators were the same from 29 - 31 but if you check the individual parts that make up the generators you'll see that almost every part is different.
  • the intake manifold was change in mid 29 also. There are 2 manifolds with different casting #s- 503-29 & 503-29B. They look very similar except the 503 - 29B has a bit more rise to it. This change is not listed in the parts book.




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