DL Diagrams,
Ads, Handbooks and
Assessory Catalouges


This page has been made possible because of the contributions
from many people. Thanks for your support!!

BUT for complete detailed diagrams and technical information

we recommend Johnny Sells DL/RL Restoration Manual

Johnny Sells DL/RL Manual


1. Wiring Diagram

DL Wiring Diagram

2. 1934 Advertisement
For Accessories

1934 Accessiories Advertizement

3. 1929 Accessories Catalogue

1929 Accessories Catalouge

4. 1931 Accessories Catalogue

Front Cover

5. 1931 Rider's Handbook

1931 Rider's Handbook

6. DL Advertisements

1929 DL Advertizement

7. Press Release of New Model

Press Release of New H-D Model





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