FROM 1932 to 1936

1932 RL 45 - First Year Offered
  • Cylinders now designed with air space between the barrels and exhaust ports
  • Full baffle under each cylinder, rear baffle has 6 holes
  • New larger flywheels, crankcases, aluminum pistons, stronger valve springs, thicker cushion rings made of vanadium steel matched to thicker guide rings, piston-pin lock rings, longer connecting rods with bronze bush upper bearings, crankcase breathing redesigned and improved (rear exhaust cam gear shaft now used to help vent crankcase pressure), inlet and exhaust cam gears and shafts
  • Gear case cover designed with an air-venting section,
  • Gear case cover redesigned around new oil-pump body, heavier duty oil pump body, stronger disk hinge pin and a lighter plunger spring, removable without removing gear case cover
  • Horizontally mounted generator with larger brushes, producing a more uniform current
  • oil bath for gear-side ball bearing of generator
  • Four-plate clutch using a splined outer disc
  • Throw out bearing made of a 3 piece sandwiched bearing assembly
  • New front chainguard
  • Longer nickle-plated air intake pipe
  • Gas strainer on carberator
  • Double-curved bowed front downtube frame with heavier forging and tubing
  • 2-1/2" diameter muffler with full fishtail
  • Rear brake anchorage redesigned to make wheel easy to remove meaning that the rear wheel is readily removable
  • Exhaust pipes and muffler painted with special high temp black paint

1933 RL 45

First Year For
  • Linkert carburator (late year)
  • Convex headlight lens
  • Black painted frame, forks and chainguard standard
  • Pair stamped steel footpegs  for Buddy Seat footrests (optional)
Only Year For
  • Art deco stylized eagle design on gas tanks

1934 RL 45

First Year For
  • Low-expansion aluminum-alloy pistons
  • New oil pump, gear case cover
  • New clutch set up
  • Seat is now a one piece pan with sponge rubber padding and leather horsehide top attached with shiny rivets
  • Airflow taillight
  • Taillight lens bucket chrome-plated
  • Hi-Flo muffler
  • Front stand (export models only)
  • New shifting arm for low and reverse, shifting arm for second and high (3 speed w/reverse transmission)
  • Stremlined 3 piece construction fenders
  • Straight-bored cylinders and T-slot pistons (late year)
  • Tanks have Art Deco bars and styized logo in diamond shape on tank panel
Only Year For
  • Front fender lamp is short bodied and nickled

1935 RL 45

First Year For
  • Carburized brake drums
  • Harder brake linings
  • Gas-deflecting muffler end
  • Improved carburator air intake
  • Larger filler caps for gas and oil
  • New, rectangular tool box on left side of frame
  • Shorter handlebar grips
  • Behive taillight lens
  • Revised horn position on front forks
  • Adjustable  brake-shoe pivot stud
  • Constant-mesh 3 speed transmission
  • Quick detach rear wheel with hub driven speedometer and internal expanding brake

1936 RL 45 - Last Year for this Model
  • Deeply-finned cylinders fastened by eight bolt studs
  • Redesighned combustion chambers
  • Air intake streamlined
  • Y-type intake manifold
  • 1-1/4" carburetors on RL and RLD models
  • Spring shield for fork springs
  • Chrome-plated horn face and horn brackets
  • Revised rake and offset of steering head
  • Tubular rear stand
  • Improved ammeter with damped needle
  • Convex-shaped gear lever
  • Oil-pump guard revised for improved air flow to the condenser
  • Revised rear chain guard
  • Crome cover for chain adjustment port
  • Guard over the clutch release
  • Brake linings 7/32 inch thick
  • Revised transmission-oil-seal retainers
  • Classic Art Deco tank tranfers

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