The First Three Wheeled Harley???

This amusing picture (from the archives of H-D), shows an invention called the Cycle Tow which was developed on the West Coast and allowed for the wheels to come up and forward (when not in use), which did cause the bike to be unstable. The Cycle Tow was the inspiration for Harley to make the Servi-Car. Harley took to heart every consideration in mind while developing the Servi-Car . The frame and rear assembly were developed to act as one and not just a poorly grafted frame with a two wheeled rear end. The distance between the rear wheels was 42 inches (same as cars) so that inexperienced riders could follow the path forged by cars in the snow and mud. The market that H-D was aiming for were Garages as they stated in a news bulletin on November 9, 1931 "Intended primarily for the use by garages and service stations in the pickup and delivery of customer's cars." The bike was never intended to be a highway rider. Original introduction standard color offered in 1932 was Turquoise Blue. Many garages though had custom paint jobs with logos and phone numbers on the back trunk, which was large and flat and perfect for advertising. Unfortunately popularity for the Servi-Car slowly died as Gas Stations would not go to the customers anymore. Also various Cushmans and striped down Jeeps offered meter maids and postal employees weather protection and a heated ride.

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